Freestyle Wrestler of Uzbek, Artur Taymazov has become the 60th athlete as well as 7th gold medalist to get disqualified from London 2012, under a intoxicate retest programme. 

Taymazov had lost his 2008 Olympic (Gold) in 2016 after he was tested positive for an oral steroid in International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) reanalysis programme.

Artur Taymazov is at present a politician in Russia, his only remaining gold is from 2004 Athens. 

The retest samples of the International Olympic Committee is using new techniques, which were not available in 2012. 

There were 9 positive tests before and during 2012 London. 

However, the retesting technique has seen a further 60 detained of cheating – including 24 medallists. 

Samples from 2012 can be re-examined for up to 8-years after the Games. 

The statute of limitations on intoxication offences was extended from 8 to 10-years in 2015, but cannot be backdated so the IOC has to announce any more retested positives from London 2012. 

After one of Taymazov’s samples from 2012 London, which resulted in a positive test for oral steroid turinabol, the governing body said that “the IOC has been storing samples from the Olympic Games since Athens 2004 and has re-analysed them systematically.”

It continued, “The fight against doping is a top priority for the IOC, which has established a zero-tolerance policy to combat cheating and to make anyone responsible for using or providing doping products accountable.”

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