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Scientists claim that the food which is prepared through Ultra-processing, such as chicken nuggets, ice cream, and breakfast cereals are responsible for early death, as well as poor health. In France, Spain and France say the amount of such food has mounted. Their researches have not any absolute proof but the trials recommending ultra-processed foods which triggered the overeating tendency.

Experts warned but also claimed about further research. The term emerges from a way of signifying food by how much industrial processing applied to it.

The lowest category  of the unprocessed or minimally  processed food include

Fruit, Vegetables, Milk, Meat, Seeds, lentils, grains such as rice  and rice.

Basically, “Processed Foods ” have been modified using oil, sugar, salt, and fermentation. The category also includes Bacon, Cheese, home-made bread, tinned vegetables and fruit, beer and more.

The “ultra-processed foods” which have been modified through the more extreme level of substantial industrial processing and most of the time the ingredient lists on the packet includes artificial preservatives, sweeteners or color enhancers.

According to the professor of the Navarra University, Bes-Rastrollo, while a product contains more than five ingredients, it is must probably ultra-processed.

The examples of the extra processed foods are cereal bars, breakfast cereals, instant soups, chicken nuggets, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, mass-produced bread and so many “ready to heat meals” such as pies and pizza.

Ultra-processed foods increase the chances of cardiovascular disease. The prompt spread out of the increment of the ultra-processed food, compared with 242 per 100,000 among those eating the least.

The rapid escalation of ultra-processed foods over less processed foods, “ may drive a substantial ” load of cardiovascular diseases in the next time according to Dr. Mathilde Touver, of the University of Paris.

The most ultra-processed foods affect the human body through those are filled in energy but lacking nutrients and fiber. Though the additives of the ultra-processed foods are tested as safe for food accumulated additives from several different foods affects the health of the human body.

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