A man who recovered from a coma for discovering both his arms and legs were faced amputation and part of his face eliminated has called for mandatory training on sepsis for NHS staff.

A blood poisoning, Sepsis is a serious complicated infection, which can have destructive outcomes if not treated rapidly. There were hindrances in detecting sepsis of Tom Ray. He says more training is required for avoiding such tragedies

Tom Ray .was healthy and fit living in Rutland in the East Midlands before he faced sepsis the severe disease at the age of 38 in 1999. He had pursued a successful career banking and was in the proceeding for setting up a business with his pregnant wife, Nic While he fell ill.

His sepsis – assumed to be caused by an amputation to his gum during checking to the dentist, merged with a chest infection – came on promptly and led to vomiting and high temperature.

But it took five hours at the hospital he was acknowledged before the condition was diagnosed.

He spent months in a coma, while his wife Nic gave birth to their second child, Freddy.

His revival has been a long and tiring process, linking years of plastic surgery.

He has to learn to cross, drive and live life day by day artificial limbs. The family lists their house and he has fought to work.

He also added, “it is not the life I wanted to lead. It is not the life I wanted for my children. I have had some terrible lows, but I have learned to battle on. ”

He pushes down multiple factors. The “amazing” love and care provided by his wife and being intellectually disciplined. He also added, “I have learned to control what goes into my mind. I only let positive thoughts go in”.

He also added, “ I also realized it is not all about me. I had to be there for my children – to help them with their school work and take them places. Terrible things can happen in life, but you can get through them.”

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