An HIV-positive British man has become the second recognized adult worldwide to be cleared of the AIDS virus after he has gone through a bone marrow transplant from an HIV resistant donor, according to his doctor.

Around three years after inheriting bone marrow stem cells from a donor which have a rare genetic mutation for resisting HIV infection and more than 18 months after taking antiretroviral drugs for highly sensitive tests which still exhibit no trace of the previous HIV infection of the man.

An HIV biologist, as well as professor Ravindra Gupta who jointly led a team of doctors for the effective treatment of the man, told, “ There is no virus there that we can measure. We can’t detect anything”.

This particular case is an initiative of-of the conceptual move based on which scientists will be able to end AIDS one day, according to the doctor, but does not claim a complete cure of HIV.

Professor Ravindra Gupta explained his patient as “ functionally cured” and “ in remission ”, but cautioned: “ It is too early to say he is cured”.

The HIV positive man is being called “ the London patient ”, partly his case is quite same  to the first known case of a functional cure of HIV in an American man, Timothy Brown, who became known as the Berlin patient while he spent days with same treatment in 2007, in Germany, which also cleared his HIV.

Living in Berlin, Brown has since moved to the United States and according to HIV experts, is still HIV-free.


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