Latest Brain Cancer Treatment Methodology ‘Pink Drink’ Can Save So Many Lives Across NHS - TNBC UK

Across the NHS, the latest news of an innovative discovery about a “pink drink” which allows surgeons to detect brain tumors by making them glow under the blue light. At Kings College hospital in London, the leader of the neuro-oncology, professor Keyoumars Ashkan informed the media that the latest move could save many lives all over the UK every year.

The discovered liquid which is known as 5-ALA uses a fluorescent dye for making cancerous cells to lit under blue light.

This helps surgeons to point the brain tumor tissue more precisely during the surgery for removing it and assists to relieve the healthy brain cells. Research recommends a whole tumor can be removed successfully in 70% of cases where 5-ALA is used. The treatment is available in some NHS hospitals but will be available in so many neurological centers in England. Professor Ashkan was one of the first doctors in the country for using 5-ALA treatment over a decade ago.

Since then, he has been coaching medics across the world. He informed the media, “ This drug helps us because it can differentiate and delineate a tumor a lot better than it would be under ordinary white light, so the better we can see, the more clear the margins”.

He also added, “you’re going to be able to remove more of the tumor, and hopefully with fewer risks, and therefore actually get a better outcome for the patients. ”

As per the claim of Professor Ashkan claims he wishes the drug could be initiated earlier. He also added, “this is a great advancement for patients, at the end of the day we are here to help our patients so we have got an extra tool which is now widely available, let’s use it.”

The expenses are £1,000 for the person and the specialist equipment expenses excessively of  £30,000 each time it is put in place.

German manufacturer Medac, which makes the “ pink drink” “struggle to supply”, the drug to the UK market after Brexit.

It also included that the price “will inevitably go up” and it will “ consider increasing prices” after the leaving of Britain from the European Union.

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