Gold is not only used in jewelry stores it is also used for beauty purposes. Gold brightens, firms and makes our skin glow. The 24k Gold Facial which uses pure gold flakes is worldwide popular. Apart from this, there are many other ways to use gold for your skin right at home. Here are the 5 ways to give your skin the benefit of gold.


Gold Mask

The Khadi Natural Gold Mask is made with pure honey and gold dust extract which helps to tighten your open pores and make the skin radiant and glowing. You can mix it with milk or rose water and apply it to your skin. Allow it to dry for 10-15 min and wash off with cold water. You will see the instant visible result. It is available for Rs 130 from Rs 175.

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Gold Facial

If you are looking for a gold facial the VLCC Facial Kit will be perfect for you. It will bring the magic of a gold facial to your home. The facial process contains 6 steps. It includes a mask, gel, cream, scrub, and toner enriched with 24k gold leaf extract along with turmeric, sandalwood, and more essential ingredients. It is available for Rs 1,029.

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Gold Oil

The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil is a facial oil which will help your skin to glow-better. It contains gold dust particles along with rosehip seed, Argan and almond oil to hydrate the skin. You can add it to your makeup base and it will help to give you that dewy finish. It costs Rs 1250.

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Gold Eye Mask

The eye mask is very useful to enhance your beauty. If you have dark circles around your eyes the use of eye masks containing gold extract will help you to brighten the area. The Infinitive Beauty Collagen Eye Mask works on the under eye area to brighten its appearance and add freshness. It is available for Rs 299.

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Gold Serum

Serums help to firm age line and wrinkles and repairs the cells. The Kazu Beauty 24K Serum is a K-beauty product that will fulfill these requirements for you. It is available for Rs 3,496 from Rs 3,999.

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