Tenants Of A Dwelling Were Charged Thousands For Non-Existing Lift - TNBC UK

One housing accused residents living in Belford Court, Reading, for maintenance despite there being no lift in their block. They paid out thousands of pounds over a number of years for a non-existing lift.

However, the housing association has admitted its mistake this year in a service charge booklet, before issuing a new booklet without the lift charge. It has been assured by a spokeswoman that the residents will be contacted and refunded.

One of the residents said, “I even let the lift maintenance guy in once and he went up the stairs and said ‘where’s the lift?’.”

Another said to the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Why are we being charged for facilities we have no access to?” 

The spokeswoman of The One Housing said there had “unfortunately been a small number of errors” when allocating costs for lift maintenance in “previous year-end accounts” at Belford Court. 

“We are now correcting this and will be contacting the residents who have been impacted and refunding them in due course,” she added.

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