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The wildcat, red squirrel, and the grey long-eared bat are all prone to a serious threat of extinction.  These are the first mammals to be listed on the list of extinct animals.

One in five animals of the British society was endangered to be extinct said the Mammal Society and Natural England study. However, it held factors such as climate change, pesticides and loss of habitat as the prime culprits.

Howbeit, it is a good news for another polecat, badger, and pine as they have seen their population expand in the geographical range. In the first comprehensive review of the British animal’s population for over two decades.

Over 1.5m individual biological records of 58 species of terrestrial mammal were appraised by the researchers. They made through research whether the number of the threatened species were going up or diminishing in the geographical region.

“Now obviously we’re living in a country that’s changing enormously – we’re building new homes, new roads, new railways, agriculture’s changing – so it’s really important we have up to date information so we can plan how we’re going to conserve British wildlife.” – said the chairwoman of the Mammal Society Prof Fiona Mathews.

“It’s the first time since the 90s that we’ve assessed the status of all 58 species of terrestrial mammal in Great Britain,” – said John Gurnell, professor of ecology at the Queen Mary University of London.

The species that were increasing in number included pine, marten, polecat, and badger. While the roe deer, horse bat, and wild boar were also among the growing species.

“Some species are doing well, so carnivores, for example, like polecats and pine martens, they seem to be bouncing back, – said Professor Matthews. “On the other hand, we have species that tend to need quite specialized habitat like the grey long-eared bat or the dormouse where population numbers are really going down.

“So what we need to do is find ways in which we can make sure that all British wildlife is prospering.” – he added.


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