The Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service spoke at St Charles hospital a mile away from the west London tower block. The doctor in charge said that the demand for services had been gigantic.

“There are many, many people that are in a great deal of distress in the local community – adults and children,” – said Dr. Alastair Bailey.

The first priority is provided to the residents of the cordon and the tower block. Yet one cannot deny service to the victims on the basis of residence or any such cause. Dr. Bailey said that the majority of the injured are seeking help from the trauma trigger such as the ongoing public injury.

Most commonly the survivors of the fire suffered from PTSD while others have experienced depression and anxiety. Out of sorts, some people have also lost their loved ones as per the figures issued by the NHS.

“Obviously grief is a very normal reaction following the loss of a loved one, but the circumstances surrounding Grenfell fire are anything but normal,” – he said.

Later he added that apart of offering a psychological therapy one can offer support for enhancing people’s housing situation that would enhance the well-being of the grief-stricken.

“For some people, it’s taken a long time to get past a barrier around feelings of shame, or stigma, or other concerns that they have about coming forward and accessing help,” – said Bailey.

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