On Wednesday afternoon, the 115-year-old, five-star Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park caught fire, Plumes of thick smoke rose into the sky when Thirty-six hotel guests and 250 members of the hotel staff were removed to safety.

Hotel owners thanked the emergencies services after guests and staff were safely evacuated.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) deployed 120 firefighters and 20 engines to the incident, after receiving the call at about 16:00 BST. Both the ambulance service and the Met Police also attended, but no reports of any injuries confirmed.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group expressed “its gratitude to the emergency services for their support”.

Robbie Williams, 44, reported on Instagram: “I went on the balcony and looked up and there was just billows and billows of smoke, I came back in from the balcony and shouted, ‘The hotels on fire,’ and then the next thing a knock at the door came and there was a bellboy there and they said, ‘Get out’.”

One of the hotel workers said: “The fire alarm started and everybody was told to get outside. Everything’s fine but we don’t know how it started yet.”

Penelope Evans, aged 50, from Battersea, south London, “I saw all this black smoke coming from the sky, it was covering everything and the smell was horrendous,” she added, “It was like people were in shock, everyone immediately just started leaving the street and the area, there were hundreds of fire engines, ambulances, police racing by and helicopters overhead, After Grenfell, I feel like people are a lot more on edge about these things, people just wanted to get out.”

Buckingham Place confirmed a 50th Anniversary Dinner of the Blues and Royals Club, which was due to be attended by Princess Anne at the hotel on Wednesday night, was canceled.

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