Olivia Newton-John, who is both an actress and singer, has disclosed about her third cancer diagnosis and expressed that believes she “wins over it”.

On Sunday Night, 69-years old Grease star said to Australian TV show that she is presently using natural remedies and medicinal marijuana.

In 1992, she was diagnosed with initial breast cancer and said that it had once again returned in 2013.

Last year, Newton-John did her third diagnosis over tumor in her lower back. The present result of her is stage 4 breast cancer, which metastasized to the spine.

While interviewing on Sunday night, she became emotional and said that “I’m one of the millions in this fight. I shouldn’t say fight… in this journey.”

“A lot of people see it as a fight, and wherever you choose to see it, that’s your prerogative. I see it as part of my mission,” added Newton-John.

She further reports that other than radiation therapy, the natural ways of treatment were “doing really well”.

She said, “I believe I will win over it and that’s my goal.”

She was called on Australia to adopt the laws of the United States where she actually belongs to, California and permits the medicinal use of Marijuana.

Newton-John said that “My dream is that, in Australia soon, it will be available to all the cancer patients and people going through cancer that causes pain.”

She won Grammy award four times and admitted to moments of depression but expressed that she had “an incredible career” and “nothing to complain about”.

After surviving from her initial breast cancer in the year 1992, she became a prominent campaigner, set-up in Melbourne the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Research Center.

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