Katherine Ryan Says Her Boyfriend Saves Netflix Scripts During Burglary - TNBC UK

Katherine Ryan, the famous Canadian comedian, writer, and actress, has described how her boyfriend defended a trespasser at her home to save a laptop containing the scripts to her new show. The Canadian in an Instagram Story showed police at her London home and wrote: “Cool to be robbed tonight by a masked man in our home.”

She sought help in tracing a ring that was stolen. The 36-year-old actress is known for stand-up and panel shows but has written a Netflix sitcom, The Duchess, about a single mother.

In an interview, she earlier told reporters writing the series “was a challenge because I’m not a screenwriter who’s experienced, I don’t know the rules”.

At the weekend, in an Instagram clip, she pointed out blood on the laptop and told followers,  “This is why I love Bobby K [Kootstra]. He got in a fight and wrestled back my Netflix series, all my scripts.”

Kootstra was the childhood sweetheart with whom Ryan was reportedly united after two decades during a chance meeting while shooting for BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? in her hometown of Sarnia, west of Toronto.

Katherine Ryan Says Her Boyfriend Saves Netflix Scripts During Burglary. | tnbclive.co.uk

For more than a decade, she has been living in London. She has a young daughter whom she often mentions in her comedy routines. Following the burglary, in another post, Ryan suggested she was finding it hard to sleep.

“That’s fine, I never liked sleeping anyway,” she said. Making some humor, she said she would get a German shepherd after her small dogs were “asleep at the wheel” during the incident. A regular performer on Netflix, Ryan, having filmed stand-up specials in Trouble and Glitter Room and appeared alongside Jimmy Carr in The Fix.

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