In the capital nuclear-power-armed North Korea, British singer, as well as songwriter Joss Stone performed an informal gig to fulfill her ambition of performing in every country on earth.

Joss Stone has performed as a singer in more than 175 countries since hopping on the Total World Tour five years ago, was snapped singing in a bar in Pyongyang before a tiny group of tourist and guides.

The 31-year-old artist celebrity, who currently sung in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan, declared the trip on Instagram before starting a fly to the North.

The British singer told in a video message snapped at the International Airport in the Beijing Capital.

She added, “ We’ll be getting on a plane very soon to go to Pyongyang…? A place in North Korea, anyway. It’s gonna be fun”.

Stone told she was rehearsing a traditional Korean folk song ‘ Arirang’ – listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in both the North and South – for her audience in Pyongyang.

The visit was organized by Simon Cockerell, who directs  Koryo Tours, which have expert knowledge about trips to the secluded country.

Cockerell stated the performance as an “unofficial gig” and posted images of Stone singing for around 40 tourists and guides at a bar he recognized as the Yanggakdo cinema complex. He wrote on his Instagram profile with an image of Stone splitting from the North Korean Capital.

North Korea hardly allow foreign musician for performing before the ordinary citizens. Few South Korean pop artists were invited to Pyongyang amid a prompt reconciliation on the Korean peninsula.

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