In Alleged Human Rights Abuses Of Israel, Wolf Alice Support Eurovision Boycott - TNBC UK

Wolf Alice, Mercury Prize-winning band have charged Israel for “weaponizing culture” as they supported a boycott of this year’s Eurovision song contest.

Guitarist Joff Oddie told the media that Israel which anchors the song contest of this year is “serial human rights abusers” who “use culture to art wash ” and “ whitewash over their human rights abuses”.

Israel won the privilege of hosting the competition after the Israeli contestant Netta won the contest of the last year and it will occur in Tel Aviv this week, with the grand final on Saturday. Wolf  Alice, who won the 2018 Mercury Prize, is among a number of musicians, along with Peter Gabriel and Roger Waters, who registered an open letter in January, inviting for a boycott and for the Oddie claimed the letter and the boycott “are responding to a call from Palestinian civil society ”.

He also added, “ we asked Palestine – ‘do you want us to come?’ ‘No – do not come’ and that’s what you do, you respect the people who are being oppressed.” During a demonstration against Eurovision in London, protesters informed media contest with no inconsistency.

One demonstration said, “ Israel has been able to use Eurovision to present what it terms its prettier face and to use this cultural event to distract from the violations of international law and Palestinian human rights that it continues to carry out every day and has done since 1948.”

It also added, “ the competition has always supported the values of friendship, inclusion, tolerance, and diversity and we do not believe it would be appropriate to use the BBC’s participation for political reasons”.

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