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Madonna had supported Michael Jackson discharging his sex abuse allegations, claiming “ people are innocent until proven guilty”. The star, who was the same age as Jackson and also achieved fame like him during the 1980s, was questioned about the Leaving Neverland documentary,  in an interview which aired this year earlier.

On camera, in a programme which has two parts, the accused victims Wade Robson and James Safechuck claimed in graphic detail about their abuse by Michael Jackson in their childhood. Madonna, who is ready to release her 14th album, Madam X, in June

Claimed that she had not noticed the magazine but she knows about the allegations.

She professed, “ I don’t have a lynch-mob mentality, so in my mind, people are innocent until proven guilty”.

Expressing her opinion, she added, “ I’ve had a thousand accusations hurled at me that are not true. So my attitude when people tell me things about people is, ‘Can you prove it?”

She gave a statement about the allegations of Michael Jackson’s guilt. She also replied, “ I don’t know, I haven’t seen the film. But I guess it would be people recounting actual events – but then, of course, people sometimes lie.

So I always say, ‘What’s the agenda? What do people want out of this? Are there people asking for money, is there some kind of extortion thing happening?’

I would take all of those things into consideration.”

Madonna, who took  Jackson in a date for the Oscars in 1991, added, “ I guess I’ll get around to seeing it. I haven’t seen it yet.”

Michael Jackson who died at the age of 50 in 2009, declined to admit all the allegations about his involvement in abusing of underage boys, as well as the molestation accusations in 2005.

The brothers of the stars Tito, Marlon and Jackie have dismissed all the allegations against the late singer.

The estate of Michael Jackson has also condemned Leaving Neverland, stating it as a “ tabloid character assassination” that the star “ endured in life and now in death”.

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