The 35-years-old British Rapper, popular as Professor Green but his real name is Stephen Manderson, was due to start a tour in the UK’s Cardiff.

The popular star has a huge fan following on social media, had three seizures, which resulted in a fall and caused the fractures.

Professor Green has shared some pictures of himself strapped onto a stretcher in a nursing home with his neck brace and head support, and a tube was placed in his nose.

British Rapper Professor Green fractures neck during seizure |

Professor Green was known for his marvelous songs like Read All About It and I Need You Tonight. He informed source that the fall took place as he was packing for his UK tour.

In further social media post, the British Rapper said that he was very lucky and thanked “our NHS, heroes amongst men (and women).”

Therefore, Green has promised his fan following that he would return back soon in this winter with another UK tour.

A spokesman of him said that refunds for all tour dates will be available at purchase points.

The British Rapper was also due to play Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Leeds, Tyne, Manchester, Brighton, and Sheffield.

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