Parys Lapper, the son of a disabled artist who posed for a famous Trafalgar Square sculpture while pregnant with him has died aged 19. The son died suddenly last week, confirmed his family. 

Alison Lapper, the artist and the mother was born with shortened legs and no arms. She posed nude for the artwork mounted on the square’s fourth plinth in 2005. His final journey will be taking place on Thursday at Worthing Crematorium and his fiance has requested to bikers to escort Parys on his final journey.

On Facebook Si Clift said Parys was a “mischievous, generous, kind, loving, frustrating, cheeky, forgiving, beautiful boy”. He was “his own man” and “a good son”, Mr. Clift said.

Mr. Clift said he and Ms. Lapper has been “blown away” by people’s kindness, humbled by their kind sentiments, and overwhelmed by messages of support. “Please take away from this a realization that you are not alone, that you can talk and not to hold things within,” he added.

“Whatever it is, there is help.”

Ms. Lapper “would absolutely love to see as many noisy motorbikes as possible to escort Parys on his final journey”, he said.

The journey will begin from her house in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. On Tuesday, the family has planned an open house for his friends to decorate, paint, stick messages or sign their names on his empty coffin.

The 2016 BBC Four show No Body’s Perfect was co-hosted by Ms. Lapper with fashion photographer Rankin, exploring how digital photography, social media, and selfie culture had affected people’s sense of identity.

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