After Proclaiming Engagement With Multi-Millionaire George Panayiotou, Amy Jackson Looks Astonishing In Bridal Shoot - TNBC UK

In the new year, British Model and Actress declared her engagement with George Panayiotou, around 12 months of dating. The British model, Amy Jackson exhibited her bridal style in different poses in a series of stiffy outfits for the recent issue of Arcadia magazine. 28 years old, the Bollywood actress dressed her trimmed figure in a crumpled white cloth along with lots of fancy jackets to present an exciting glimpse of her innerwear.

The British ex-Miss teen world postured stylishly against the backdrop of Hatfield Place while presenting her toned arms for perfection. She left her hair casually for getting a bouncy look modeling her face and exhibited lots of bronze makeup for enhancing her beauty. In a second clip, the 2.0 star glided into a trimmed white gown with a transparent close-fitting upper outfit along with beadwork for preventing any fashion setback.

In front of the camera, as she stared in a seducing mode, the curled locks of the diva floating down her shoulders perfectly with a waving texture.

Despite representing her astonishing figure in the sheer outfits, the Liverpudlian beauty stated to the magazine: “ I couldn’t diet, I just don’t have the determination. The secret is going to the gym, I find that it is as good for your mind as it is for your body”.

Amy declared her betrothal, with the son of the British business tycoon Andreas  Panayiotou of 31 years old on 1st January in an Instagram post.

Presenting a lovable display, the businessman portrayed a kiss on the dark-haired diva’s cheek, who tagged the image: with the caption “1st January 2019 – The start of our new adventure in life I love you ”.

She added during her festive African gateway, “ Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world”.

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