Bryan Adams’ signature song Summer of 69 – a rocking anthem to form the first band and falling in love which becomes the most-streamed single of the stars. Surprisingly, it backfired in the UK- only arriving number 42 in the charts while it was published in 1984.

A top five hit in the US, Summer of 69 increased in popularity over the years through an exhibition on commercial radio and classic swing stations. After thirty years it revealed, it earned Adams a gold disc, presenting 400,000 sales. Now ratified platinum, it is karaoke standard wit 280 million streams on Spotify – the double number earned by the second-most-popular song of Adams, ‘Everything I Do’.

Adams told in media, “A lot of my songs don’t chart but they somehow find their way.t’s just a matter of time. ” In the last year, while Adams build a team with Taylor  Swift for performing Summer of 69 as a duet, it gained a new generation of fans in the last year.

Adams was addressing in media as he releases his 14th studio album, Shine A Light. He initiated a title track was composed, “at a time when both my parents ended up in hospital, and I thought I was going to lose both of them ”.

He added, “I was just trying to write something that was a tribute to them,” he said, “and I thought of the idea of shining light everywhere you go ”.However, the star fought to end the song composition, until he impacted into Ed Sheeran backstages at a gig in the last year in Dublin.

The star added, “I was only about half-way through and I thought, ‘I wonder if Ed would want to finish this with me. So I sent it to him and we wrote the song together on email. It’s an optimistic, uplifting song,” he adds. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be about my parents. It’s saying everywhere you go, shine a light – because we are all little lights in our own way.

Shine A Light is set for entering the album charts at the number two in this weekend – but like Summer of 69, the dingle has stalled to crack the top 40 of UK. Despite that, Adams says he believes the song “ is going to have a future”. He added, “I’m not a wizard, I’m just a songwriter. Sometimes, you might feel like you’re doing the right thing – but it doesn’t necessarily fit what into everyone else thinks is happening, musically.

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