Billionaire Slim, America Movil, could profit from election of Mexican leftist - TNBC UK

MEXICO CITY-Monday, June 18, 2018- Billionaire Carlos Slim, recently is “concerned and afraid” about what leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador might do, spoked harsh words for Mexico’s presidential frontrunner.

Javier Jimenez, also reported that he agreed for re-examining of some regulations stemming from Mexico’s landmark 2014 telecommunications reforms. Lopez Obrador has also possessed for better connectivity for the nation’s impoverished farmers and indigenous people, who are some of his strongest supporters. Jimenez, a mate from around 60 years. Said, “We have to define a policy so that within six years there is the possibility of 5G across the whole country”.

Jimenez also replied that ‘such a shift would include reviewing criteria for evaluating “preponderance.” Jimenez said that the country’s reform is behind on its mandate to expand access. He said a Lopez Obrador administration would not seek to modify the overall reform, which created an independent regulator, but would conduct a review of secondary regulations to ensure competition is not coming at the expense of coverage.

“There shouldn’t be competition for competition’s sake,” Jimenez said. “Competition is an element, a tool, that permits a larger goal, which is better attention to the user”. Lopez Obrador’s victory, who holds the double-digit lead in most polls before the July 1 vote, would provide fall for Slim’s fortunes. Slim’s company acquires the largest network in Mexico, will play a key role in delivering cell coverage to rural areas but also complains about current regulations to hold it back.

Jimenez along with Lopez Obrador’s adviser, telecoms veteran Abel Hibert, said, “they were open to the idea of granting America Movil a television license, a sector the company has long been denied entry because of its size and influence”.

Senator Gerardo Flores, whose Partido Verde helped the pass to reform, said, “If we let down our guard, America Movil will only get stronger”.

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