The largest shareholder in Eurostar has attempted to find to allay fears that Brexit might affect or even halt the cross-Channel train service. Director of SNCF railway company of France, Guillaume Pepy told French media that it was working to confirm flawless ravel “ whatever the scenario”.

He told “details” still required to be worked out, but the “fundamental services” would not be influenced. The last week report told the UK government had a terror of passenger chaos. The Financial Times told in a secret evaluation drawn up by the government alerted of long queues at St Pancras International station, the main Eurostar terminal in the UK if there was a no-deal Brexit. Mr. Pepy told the reporters, “We are well aware that the devil will be in the details – so we are working on the details ”.

He also added, “And then, in concrete terms, we shall have to see how things are organized at Gare du Nord (in Paris) and St Pancras regarding identity and customs checks. ”

He included if such controls made delays then the railway officials would require to evaluate “if we hold back the train a few minutes or send people on their way in the following train”.According to the FT, the government report scared there could be a 40-60% reduction in Eurostar services if there was no agreement while Britain leaves the EU on 29th March.

In the last October, the regular contingency papers for a no-deal Brexit alerted that Eurostar services could be suspended without specific dealings with France and Belgium.




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