Big Chain Convenience Stores Hike Prices at the Remote Branches - TNBC UK

BBC  investigation has observed that Shoppers has imposed more rates for purchasing than the big-chain convenience stores. According to a case, a trolley of groceries worth around £10 more in any smaller store than the superstore of the company.

BBC’s observation noticed from Inside and Outside at a mix of own brand and items of renown brand from two categories of Tesco, Marks, Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose. The supermarkets explained the causes of the price difference due to imposing higher costs in the smaller branches.

The same trolley of a shopping hold price tag of £103.26 at Marks and Spencer, in the Birmingham High Street Store and £112.44 in the Birmingham New Street Station.

A banana cost 9p in Birmingham , at the Tesco Superstore on Camden Street in Birmingham but it held a price tag of 25p at the Tesco Express in Frederick Street, a markup of 177%.

Between September and October, the shops were visited in this year. At the Waitrose shops in Shropshire and Marks, Sainsbury’s and Spencer stores in Birmingham the 45 to 52 items cost more in a convenient location. And at the Tesco Express, 39 of 50 items cost excess than in the superstore.

Shopper Maggie Henning said she noticed her expense was increasing more at Tesco Express after the Tesco supermarket she used previously in Birmingham at Fiveways, closed.

She said, “It’s people like me, who need a convenience store because they haven’t got a car or can’t get to a large supermarket, that is actually paying the price for that.”

According to the normal supplier and economy rate often in the case of smaller shops in more remote areas will charge more.

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