Airline authority said today that Ryanair flights in and out of UK airports took off as normal this morning despite strikes by pilots. Ahead of a 48-hour strike over pay and conditions, thousands of passengers were braced for disruption.

The airline, however, claimed that 97% of flights took off on time today morning, and a few were delayed because of air traffic control delays. Ryanair lost a last-ditch legal challenge to stop their strikes. 

The airline today has made it clear that it does not expect any disruption for passengers taking off from or landing at UK airports. Previously, the airline authority claimed that it would inform passengers if there were any changes in their schedule by email and text.

“If you have not received any SMS or email from us, your flight is scheduled to operate,” it said. Customers can also check its website, it said. To fulfill the number of pilots during strike it drafted in pilots from elsewhere in Europe said the airline. 

The British Airline Pilots Association decides another 48-hour strike in early September to coincide with the end of the summer holidays. The pilots are striking over pay and benefits. They have demanded to Ryanair to change its policies on issues such as pensions, maternity benefits and insurance for pilots who lose their license.

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