The Japanese carmaker Honda is all-ready to disclose the closure of its Swindon Car Plant in the United Kingdom, will put 3500 jobs at high-risk, reports source on Monday.

Sources claim that the announcement made by Honda is likely to come today and the plant was scheduled to get close in 2022.

A spokesperson for Honda was immediately not available to comment over the report.

Britain’s Business Ministry representative said, “That’s speculation so we wouldn’t comment on that.”

In 2018, Honda has developed more than 160000 vehicles at its British factory, where it has built the Civic model, accounted for over 10% of the country’s total output of 1.52 million cars.

Last month, Honda said that it will close its British operations for 6-days in April to assist it to counter any wider disruption from the UK’s departure from the European Union.

It continued that it was preparing to front-load some production at its plant to build up inventories or ship overseas.

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